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The Burden of Leadership

May 12, 2014

Many want the benefits of leadership – the esteem, the fame , the salary – without carrying the burden of leadership. Great leaders carry great burdens.



July 1, 2013

If a problem appears to be complicated, there is usually a point of view of the problem I’m not considering.


Foundations of Personal Growth: Focus

February 4, 2013

Personal growth must be intentional and the ability to focus is one of the foundations to growth.

Today we have more information flowing to us than at any point in the history of mankind. We are bombarded by opportunities for interruptions. The myth of multitasking keeps us deceived into thinking we are accomplishing more. If we were really honest with ourselves we would admit to being busy but not making progress towards goals – if we have any.


Foundations of Personal Growth: Critical Thinking

January 28, 2013

Personal Growth must be intentional and one of the areas we must be intentional is our thinking.

Edward de Bono describes thinking as “the operating skill through which intelligence acts upon experience.” An analogy: intelligence is the car and thinking is your driving skill level. While intelligence is a worthwhile pursuit, thinking is the greater pursuit.