July 1, 2013

If a problem appears to be complicated, there is usually a point of view of the problem I’m not considering.


Timing: A Leader’s Tool or a Leader’s Weapon

May 6, 2013

Words have power. Words spoken out of time can hurt regardless of their validity. Words spoken in the right moment can breath life into an individual. The same holds true for actions. Timing is an important. A great leader has masters timing.


Justice: A Leader’s Singular Responsibility Part 2

March 25, 2013

Justice is a leader’s singular responsibility. We are to Ensure justice to individuals our their teams, throughout the organization and our communities. You can read part 1 here where we discussed Justice for individuals.
Justice for Organization

If an Engineer III in your department is at a lower pay grade than and Engineer III in a different department – that’s an injustice that must be fixed. Scapegoating HR is not an option. Partnering with HR is the way to fix this. If the jobs are different then change the titles so people know there is a difference. Justice must be served throughout the entire organization not just within your department. Otherwise, people will know the injustice being served and seeds of discontent will grow.


When Apologies Aren’t Enough

March 17, 2013

Our sole responsibility is to respect the personhood of others. As a leader we must be just and pursue justice. Only then can we have right relationships with others and those who follow us.

Anyone in a leadership position who doesn’t care about the sanctity and sacredness of another human being’s dignity is only a mirage of a leader. Your people choke on the sands of excuses and inconsistent standards while you fail at leading.