Emotionalism, Racism and Criticism Part 1


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I haven’t lost too much sleep over President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize win. But a lot of people have lost sleep, on both sides of the table. One side defending the win while the other side declares it’s too soon.  Let me be up front, I don’t think he should have won it. He was nominated 11 days after taking office while Colombian activist Piedad Cordoba, Afghan women’s rights activist Simi Samar and Denis Mukwege, a physician in war-torn Congo, who opened a clinic to help rape victims, had their achievements at the time of nomination. I don’t think it’s fair to President Obama nor to the other nominees.

But reading and watching the fall–out has forced me to question my emotions towards President Obama and democrats in general. As a black woman I am proud to have a black president. I would have preferred Colin Powell, but he wasn’t an option. Yes, I’m republican but I was proud when President Obama won.


Yet the past few months I’ve grown frustrated and angry towards President Obama’s party and supporters. It is because during Bush’s tenure I watched Condeleezza Rice endure  racist criticism with no outcry from fellow Americans. Black Americans sat in silence because she was considered to be on the wrong side of the table. In fact at times we were her harshest critics. There were a handful of women’s groups that tried to speak up. Their voices were quieted. I know this because my voice was quieted. I got a few apologies from the letters I wrote to stations or newspapers, I was mostly ignored.

Now I’m watching President Obama get criticized by the opposing party (as all Presidents must endure) and his supporters are quick to call it racism. I raise an eyebrow over the President’s win of the Nobel Prize and I’m a ‘hater’ or a ‘sell-out.’ I too get angry over flippant comments stated by Erick Erickson:

I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for it, but that is the only thing I can think of for this news.

Is it racism? If it is racism, then why is it racism now and not for Condeleezza?  If it is racism, where was the outcry for her or Colin Powell during the Bush Administration? Or is it only racism when the person being attacked is in the political party you are in agreement with?

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  1. inre Obama winning the Peace Prize: While others may have made more personal sacrifce in the name of peace, I can't think of anyone who has had a greater impact for peace in 2009. The nomination may have been premature, but as of the date of the award Obama has 1) reversed the course of Russo-American relations that was quickly degenerating towards a second Cold War; 2) done more to raise awareness and get fissible materials secured around the world; and 3) revised the US' "might makes right" policies and set a precedent that diplomacy is to be the first option in any conflict and torture will not be used at all.

    All three of these accomplishments are Nobel worthy (imho), although I will agree none make as inspiring a story as the 'smaller' heroes you mention above.

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