6 Steps to Finding Direction in Your Life


My hero of antiquity is Leonardo da Vinci.  He did not become defined by his upbringing, or day job. History defines da Vinci as a Renaissance Man. All that he accomplished can be found in this post.

In modern times, with the 40+ hour work week, it’s hard to imagine accomplishing as much as da Vinci. Yet, I know we can.  When I came to a point in my life, where I needed to find a different direction I did the following exercise.

  1. Wrote down everything I was interested in (past, present or future). This did NOT include my college major.
  2. What on the list could I make money with and how?
  3. What tools do I have now to achieve those goals?  Steps 2 and 3 may take some research in the local library.
  4. What was I willing to pursue?  Anything I wasn’t willing to put effort in, became a hobby.
  5. What skills or experience do I lack to prevent me from success in those goals?  Pursue jobs that will give you the skills and experience to pursue step 4.
  6. Prioritize and start pursuing!

I went through ideas like breeding German Shepherds (which I think is a good retirement idea), wine making, speaking and becoming an author.  I’m pursuing a lot of these ideas now. But I still have the research of when I did it nearly 10 years ago.  I’m going through those questions again, to see if I may have new interest I desire to pursue.

The decision to work for learning instead of money has paid off tremendously in my life. A person with a good work ethic, dreams/goals and insatiable desire to learn is an unstoppable force; she is a person who will not fall into the pit of mediocrity.

What direction do you want to take your life in?