Absolute Values of Leadership


In mathematics, an absolute value is the numerical value of a real number regardless of its sign that is regardless if it’s positive or negative. A leader must live by certain absolute values. These values cannot be adulterated based on circumstances. We also cannot afford to live by emotions or opinions – which are never absolute. In spite of circumstances, every decision, thought, and action should be judged by our these values before being acted upon.

As a leader, the values we must hold as absolute are:

Absolute Vision

If you are not providing vision, you are not leading.  Being the loudest person at the table doesn’t make you the leader.   Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson wrote one of the best articles on why vision is so important. I encourage you to read it here.

Absolute Integrity

I have seen co-workers transform into super heroes when they get assigned high visibility type work.  Yet when assigned something that will move the business forward, but not a lot of accolades, their work ethic changes. Integrity also applies to the consistency of your work.  A leader’s integrity cannot be conditional. Regardless of the work or circumstance, give your best effort.  Don’t treat people beneath your pay grade differently than those who are above your pay grade.

Absolute Servitude

People are your greatest asset.  And the greatest honor for any leader is to speak into the lives of people around them.  Serve your followers and your leaders. Make it a priority to make these people successful and you will cease to struggle to get ahead.

Absolute Humility

Humility and confidence are 2 sides of the same coin.  You cannot have both until you know and accept who you are. Know your strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone has weaknesses. The key is to not be ignorant of your weaknesses. If a weakness is something you really want to work on, then do so. Take a class or get a mentor to strengthen that area. If it is not, make sure you have surrounded yourself with people who are stronger in that area.

Absolute Determination

Quitting is never an option. You may have to change the team or the game plan but vision remains the same. Be resolute in achieving the vision.