4 Temptations of Leadership



Don’t start believing the hype.  We live in a culture of hero worship. The great leaders we’ve become to idolize in our American History have been morphed into invincible men and women without weaknesses. However, you can study any leader and discover their weaknesses.  Athletes and performers are instant role models but yet some exhibit moral failures out of the spotlight. Maintain a balance perspective of your accomplishments.  It is wise to keep your potential in your windshield and weaknesses in your rear view mirror as you drive along the journey of success.


Ever watch shows on music channels like “One Hit Wonders of the ‘80s”? I’ve witness many “one hit” wonders on the job ride that one success to a height only to fall miserably.  I believe this is a direct result of the hero worship in our culture. Many of our historical heroes are known for one major success. Look closer at them; there was a consistency prior to that huge success.  If you and your team experience success, strive for consistency.


This is the second cousin of pride and many leaders begin to feel exempt from the need for accountability.  “I did, therefore I know” becomes a mindset. But nobody succeeds alone. Become an insatiable learner and surround yourself with people who know and do more than you.


Success can also birth the need for more wins.  If you get a rush out of the accolades and pats on the backs, be careful.  Success becomes like a drug addiction; you’ll do anything to get more.  When your values get compromised and you strive for success at the expense of your people, you have crossed a line. Strive for balance when it comes to pursuing your goals. Make sure your identity is not in your accomplishments but in your values.

What other temptations do Leaders deal with?