Introverted Leader’s Guide Part 2


Work/Life Balance help for the Introvert

This is not about balancing personal life and work. This is balancing  down time with your up time in all areas of your life.  I’ve shared with friends that on my way to work , I “flip the switch” to do my job.  Any introvert can definitely be more extroverted. We cannot use our introversion  as an excuse to not engage people. We can use it as a reason to excuse ourselves from time to time to recharge.  Even extroverts need to learn how to withdraw. They too can burn out, just not as fast as us introverts.

Balance is something I must work at.  I rarely let my days get filled with lots of back to back meetings.  But there are times when it can’t be helped. If I have a busy week, I plan very little for the weekend.   In order to be functional at work I need time in my schedule to think about what was said in meetings and solving project problems.

When I have a speaking engagement, I plan lots of down time before (so I can focus) and after wards (so I can recharge). This is counterproductive if you read any book on public speaking, and yeah those books are mostly written by extroverts.  Having breakout sessions can triple your income. I did that once! By the time I did my keynote address I was so drained and tired that I kept looking at my watch hoping I could make it to the 45 minute mark. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

Leading extroverts can be frustrating for both sides. But understanding that extroverts think out loud has allowed me to grow more patient. Confidence that what I  have to say will add value to the conversation helps me speak up when necessary.

Key points:

  • Don’t let your introversion as an excuse to not engage people
  • Own your time and plan enough down time at work and home

What are some of the ways you get your downtime?