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Revelations from Re:Create Cruise 2011


My love of science fiction is rooted in the need to escape while traversing rough seas. Getting away to another world that offers an oasis is my way to break from reality in order to begin processing reality. First Quarter 2011 has been a rough. Last fall, when I signed up for the Re:Create Cruise I did not know how much of a break I would need at this point. Last week’s cruise provided a temporary escape to a land where someone cleaned my room everyday, four course meals were provided at dinner, 24 hour room service and jewelry was cheap! I was able to decompress and process thoughts.

Randy Elrod organized the conference on the cruise through Templeton Tours. The purpose of the conference was to bring together Christian creatives. Ken Davis, Michael Hyatt and Pete Wilson were speakers along with Randy. I learned a tremendous amount from these men and their wives. I learned more from the fellow conference goers. I also received a lot of confirmation regarding ideas and direction for my life.

Here are 20 random revelations I got last week:

  1. We all have a creative side.
  2. Truffles are an acquired taste – I’m not referring to the chocolate kind of truffle.  YUCK!
  3. Whatever your art, it needs to be developed and you need be willing to work at it.
  4. I need to commit to writing!
  5. Your art can make money and should make money (1 Timothy 5:18)
  6. The wives of the creative men play a crucial role to their husbands’ success. Therefore creative people need to pick their friends and spouses wisely.
  7. We all need community.
  8. I do not like Jamaica.
  9. My love of diamonds was expounded in the Grand Cayman.  Grand Cayman is diamond paradise and a beautiful place to visit.
  10. Successful speakers who never grow are lazy.
  11. Don’t keep a job only for a paycheck; human beings are designed to progress.
  12. Celebrity Cruises hires the most diverse workforce I’ve ever seen. I met people from all over the world!
  13. I need to visit Iceland. Fellow cruiser described the most exquisite spa experience while on vacation in Iceland.
  14. Empathy can be developed and should be developed.
  15. I need more vacations that get me away from my world!
  16. Having proper boundaries is an act of love for yourself and other people.
  17. The spirit is to the soul as the mind is to the body.  The spirit is the mind of the soul. (Randy Elrod said this. His talk was very profound!)
  18. God cares more about who you are rather than where you are going.
  19. Be present to your emotions.
  20. Look for the place where your passion intersects your need – that is where you will find your opportunity.

It was an honor to be a part of the inaugural cruise of  this event. I am looking forward to Re:Create Cruise 2012!

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  1. Laurinda! I am so glad to have found your blog! I feel so blessed to have attended the Re:create Cruise and to have met you! Your blog is great! I am now subscribed! I love the purple background, I know that may seem random to say, but it really makes me happy, so I wanted to give a thumbs up! I look forward to staying connected and to Re:create Cruise 2012 as well!

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