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Failure should be embraced. Fail fast, fail often.  What can you learn from those failures?

Ignore the critics and there will be plenty. But I have never seen  statue, holiday or shrine built to honor the best critics only those who withstood the criticism. Keep an inner circle of friends who will speak truth into your life and ignore the rest.

Failure is not quitting. There are times when quitting is wise.  Failure may be in staying when you should take the chance to leave that job or team or committee or drop that course.

Failures are the speed bumps in life that slow us down because we need to be careful and be aware of our environment. But those speed bumps never force us to change direction.

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly to be good at it.  Some may call that failure when they see you in those early stages.  You can call it experience.

3 thoughts on “Failure”

  1. good post: the perfect is the enemy of the good (thise always tretending that slightly off the mark is also aside); in KM research has shown that tolerated failure imprints better than success (D. Snowden) @snowded (twitter)

  2. I love the positive take on failure. Failing quickly is important in organizations, and I like the fact you highlight failure as "experience."

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