Michigan State Outback Bowl

This Lady is a SPARTAN!


I entered 2012 in a blasé mood. I’d been working on my goals for the New Year over the past 2 months. I began working with an excellent executive coach who has helped me strategize as I plan to achieve my next set of goals.  I’ve spent today cleaning and thinking more about plans and working on plans –  knowing I was encroaching upon the hidden resistance of planning & researching. At some point, you just have to stop planning or researching and EXECUTE.

Michigan State went into halftime scoreless against the University of Georgia in today’s Outback Bowl.  I’ve been a Spartan for over 20 years.  I love that school.  I love being a Spartan. But even I had my doubts of their ability to come back and win. I began thinking next year how we can be in the 2013 Rose Bowl if the BCS gets their act together. Maybe I’d have a Gumbo gathering at my house to watch the Rose Bowl. I was planning when we were still in execution.

Spartans did come back to win the Outback Bowl in triple overtime. Our first bowl game in over a decade.  I don’t follow football enough to comment on the equality of the matchup, but I can say from the battle that ensued the second half both these teams had equal heart and determination.  We just had MORE!  Watching my alma mater fight and engage the other team lit a fire in my soul and that fire illuminated the needs to focus and know the season I’m in (to plan or to execute). Well done Michigan State and Coach Dantonio!

It is time to execute and battle through all resistance.  I hope this year brings you much more than expected. Happy New Year!