Foundations of Personal Growth: Routines


First two posts in this series discussed Focus and Critical Thinking. The premise is that personal growth must be intentional. Establishing routines are a great way to ensure personal growth and goal completion.

One of my favorite blogs wrote an extensive post on the importance of bookending your day with morning and evening routines. Brett McKay explains the benefits and the how to of establishing routines.  One of the best reasons is to fight decision fatigue. We are bombarded with distractions in this digital age we live in. Routines are the best way to ensure you stay on track with what we want and need to accomplish

What’s the difference between Routines and Habits?

Habits should be part of your routine. A routine is a series of activities/habits that help move you forward in life and help keep you sane. So the habit of brushing your teeth every day is a part of a morning and evening routines. Routines should be examined with any major life change or as your goals change. This year I’m going to change routines with the seasons.  I find during the summer, with longer days, it’s harder to go to bed early to get up at 5:30am.

Allow yourself time to settle into your routines. I had a friend tell me that after I bought my house to give myself 2 years to settle in. I thought that was too long, but after a year and 3 months I still find myself struggling to settle into solid routines. Having lived in my old apartment for 6 years I had unintentionally established all kinds of routines that no longer sufficed.

My old address I passed Trader Joe’s every day traveling to and from work. I got into the routine of stopping there 4 times a week to shop for the next day or two worth of groceries.  My current address, I don’t pass any grocery store, gas station nor restaurants traveling to work. Initially in my new home, I found myself a little lost in regard to grocery shopping regularly. I’m still finding the right frequency of grocery shopping. It sounds silly but I realized my old routines didn’t fit my new life.

My weekday routines


  • 5:30am wake up, coffee, bible and prayer
  • 6:30am gym/workout
  • 7:30am  shower, dress, eat and watch Joyce Meyer
  • 8:30am  leave for work   – I live 5 mins from work.


  • 8:30pm Get ready for bed
  • 9:00  look over goals, adjust as needed
  • 9:30 read
  • 10pm lights out

I’m in bed at 9pm as I examine my goals and read.  I’m still working on weekend routines. Beyond morning and evening routines, it helps to establish routines at work. I didn’t realize the importance of routines until I moved. I also understand of being intentional about establishing routines. This year I’m making a commitment to establishing and maintaining routines.