The Providence of Growth


Anything alive (that is healthy) – grows! You may have seasons where parts of you die and grow dormant while you rejuvenate, but those seasons should be finite – NOT a way of life. We all desire greatness. Greatness is a process and during that process you learn what you need to get to the next level. If you become a learner, growth will regain providence in your life and keep you on the path of greatness. Learning fertilizes that seed of greatness. In our careers we all get stuck, but we need to force ourselves out of complacency when you sense that seed of greatness wanting to break free.

I hear the reasons why people can’t take that risk they’ve been earnestly desiring to take:

  • “I’ve got kids now and need the job” – your children will benefit more if you are happy and yes keep them fed, warm and safe.  You can still take a risk and do all that.
  • “Maybe when the kids are out of college then I’ll…”  – as long as long as your kids are in college and NOT in diapers, no problem. Start making plans for the next season of your life.
  • We just bought a home, I need to play it safe” – you’ll hate that home that trapped you into a dead end career. Take a risk.

Recently I allowed the comfort of a good paying job and a recent home purchase to rob me of the adventure I sought with my career. I knew I was dying and not in a good way. It was a good kick in the butt from close friends that shook me out of the funk. But it was that overwhelming desire and insatiable need to learn that forced me to make a change. What this describes is the Providence of Growth.

Early in my career I was too quick to quit a job when I felt like I had nothing to learn. I did not explore other options at the company and that was immaturity on my part. But at least I had the audacity to make a change!  The upcoming changes in my career are the new season I’ve been seeking for 3 LONG years.

Allowing the providence of growth means making changes that allow you to continue to grow. If you are doing all the right things to further your career but can’t seem to get ahead – step out and get a new job. If you aren’t doing all the right things to further your career and can’t seem to get ahead: become a learner and see if that opens doors. If it does not open doors – leave.

Knowledge and the wisdom you gain from experience, makes  you valuable.  If you are in an environment that doesn’t appreciate you, walk away and get to a place where you can grow.