Stop the Drift and Start Living!


We have a tendency to focus on our careers and push the rest to the margins of our life. This leads to a life of regret.  It leads to a reactionary life – reacting to every circumstances.  But having a life plan allows you to withstand storms that come, because it gives you depth and focus. You know that you won’t let the storm drive you off course from your destination. Living an intentional life is the only way to achieve a fulfilled life.

In 2011 I downloaded a free ebook from Michael Hyatt’s website, “Creating Your Personal Life Plan”.  While I had always had several goals for my life, this ebook’s exercises helped put together a good action plan to achieve those goals. Even more importantly, it walked me through creating goals for every area of my life: professional, family, health, financial, and  friendships.

I’ve been working that plan I created in 2011 and updating it for the past 5 years. It is with the long term goals in mind that helped me make short term decisions to get to the life I want, which has lead to my recent decision to quit my job and pursue writing full time!

Time to be GUTSY

With my recent departure from Corporate America, I was astounded at the response of former co-workers who thought leaving a steady paycheck and great income as ‘courageous’, ‘brave’ and ‘gutsy’.  Even more disheartening was hearing their true dreams and desires spoken with hopelessness. It is never too late to live a fulfilled life. What actions are you willing to take to pursue your dreams?

Stop Drifting

Fortunately for us, Michael Hyatt has partnered with Dan Harkavy and co-wrote an in-depth book on creating your life plan, “Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want.” After reading the first chapter, this book expands on all aspects of the ebook I read 5 years ago.  I’m eagerly anticipating receiving my copy of this book and updating my life plan.

If you pre-order by February 29th, here’s what you’ll get:

  • A free copy of the audio book (worth $22)
  • Admission to live online launch event (worth $197)
  • Detailed action plan guide (worth $47)
  • Living Forward QuickStart audio training (worth $47)
  • Complete library of Life Planning templates (worth $47)

That’s over $350 worth of free material.  I’m excited to read this book and glean more insights on Living Forward.  I’m excited for you to read this book and start living an intentional life. This is a small investment of money and time well spent. Stop drifting through life and make 2016 your year to start living the life you want!